If you are planning to make buttons, you will need to design them first. You can simply design a button by drawing on a piece of paper then cutting out the appropriate circle size for the machine you are using. If you are looking to print your designs on a piece of paper, before cutting out the graphic, you will need to setup or draw the design on your computer. Our templates give you the guidelines needed to create images on your computer using graphic software of your choice. We offer several different formats so you can choose the one compatible for the software you use. If you do not have graphic software or know what software to use, see our guide on how to obtain free graphic software you can use.

Button Machine and Assembly Instructions


You can find all the instruction manuals for all the button machines and graphic cutters we sell on this page. We also have instructions on how to assemble the different button making components needed to make products like fridge magnets, keychains, mirror buttons, and more. So if you ever lose the printed instruction manual that comes in your order, you can always download a copy from this page.


Before you purchase, you should watch our videos to see how our button machines work. Even after you get your button machine you might want to refer to the videos so you can see exactly how to insert each part needed to make a button. We also have a helpful troubleshooting video to help any beginners who get a part stuck and need to know how to clear the machine from getting jammed.

Free Graphic Software

There are so many different graphic software application out there to choose from. The good news is you can design buttons without having to pay for expensive graphic software. In fact there are so many graphic applications that are free to download and use. If you are not a graphic artist and do not own fancy expensive designing software there are still many options on the internet to get something designed. We put together a guide that goes over the different types of software out there. You can choose what is good for you based on your skill level.