General Questions

1. What materials are required to make a button?

The following materials are required:

  • Metal shell
  • Metal back
  • Plastic cover
  • paper with a printed graphic

When you order parts from us you get the metal shells, Metal backs, Plastic Covers, and other accessories if available. The only material we do not provide is paper for printing your graphics on. You can use common home/office printer paper to print or draw your graphic on. You can use scissors to cut your graphic in a circle or you can purchase one of our circle cutters to do the job.

2. Can I make a button with fabric rather than paper?

Yes, some fabrics can be pressed and made into a button. Usually thin fabrics work best. We have made buttons with the plastic cover covering the fabric and we have made fabric buttons without the plastic cover using our machines. We do not have a recommendation of which fabrics are guaranteed to work. If you want you can mail us a swatch of fabric you plan on using and we can tell you if it will work in our machines.

3. What does shipping cost?

Shipping cost depends on the weight of the package and where it is shipping to. To get a shipping cost you can add an item to your shopping cart, check out, and enter your zip code to see the shipping cost of your items(s). You are not required to make any payment to view these prices.

4. How do I know if your parts will work in my machine?

If you can send us a picture of your machine we will let you know if our parts will work in it. We can also send you sample parts to try in your machine. To order sample parts online you can visit this page.

5. I have a button machine and I do not know what size it is. How do I find out the size?

On your button machine locate the die where you insert the shell. Measure the portion of the die as shown in the picture.

Manufacturers sometimes create a button machine so that only their parts work in it. Our parts that we sell may not work in your machine even if the size seems correct. If you know the size of your machine but you do not know the manufacturer, contact us and we can send you some sample parts to see if they indeed fit your machine.


Rental Questions

1. Can I rent a machine longer than 1 month.

If you return the machine past your due date we will charge you for being late by deducting it from your security deposit. We charge you for an additional month rental cost of $49.95 for each month the machine is late. We are allowed 60 days to credit your PayPal account or Credit Card. If you return the machine later than 60 days then we refund your deposit by sending you a check by mail.

2. Can I keep the machine?

Yes you can keep the machine. If you do not return the machine then we keep your security deposit.

3. I lost my return shipping label. How can I return the machine?

Visit your local Post Office and get a Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box. Pack your machine and circle cutter (if you have one) in the box and mail it to:

101 Lincoln Parkway Suite A
East Rochester, NY 14445

Unfortunately if you lose the label you will have to pay for the postage yourself. We also recommend emailing us a tracking number or delivery confirmation number so we can track the package if you have to do this.

4. How do I pack the machine in your box and ship back?

Basic packing instructions:

1. Fold and tape the bottom of the box.
2. Unscrew the black handle from the machine
3. put the machine and handle in the box
4. Use packing material like old newspaper, shredded paper, peanuts, foam etc.. to surround and secure the machine
5. If you have a circle cutter and glass plate try to pack and secure both items in the box around the button machine so that they do not break in shipping.
6. Close and seal the box
7. Peel off and stick the prepaid return label anywhere on the top of the box
8. Drop off the package at your local Post Office

Download visual packing instructions:
How To Pack Rental Machine and Adjustable Plastic Circle Cutter (PDF)
How To Pack Rental Machine and Quick Graphic Hand Punch (PDF)


5. When will I get my deposit back?

Within 3 business days from when we receive the rental machine back. We issue the refund as a credit to the funding source you used to pay for your order.

6. What if the machine breaks before my rental period is up?

Our machines come with a lifetime warranty so the machine should not break. See our troubleshooting section below for help with common issues people run into when making buttons. If our troubleshooting does not help please call us at 716-507-8775 to discuss the situation.

Specific Product Questions

Adjustable Circle Cutter

1. Where can I get replacement blades?

The product you need is a 9mm Snap-Off or Breakaway blade. We recommend the Dewalt 9mm Snap-Off Blades - 3 Pack. Dewalt Model Number DWHT11709.

Here is the link to this product on the manufacturer website:


Troubleshooting Common Problems When Making Buttons: