Who We Are

Not all button machines were created equal

When the company Wacky Buttons, Inc. started back in 2003 the owners did not realize how difficult it would be to find the right button machines and parts. Over the years we have learned quite a lot about buttons and are proud to say we are one of the best in the industry for fast production and quality.

In 2007 Wacky Buttons, Inc. started umakebuttons.com. The only real reason for doing it was because so many customers showed interest in making buttons themselves from scratch. The people at Wacky Buttons, Inc. were spending so much time helping people find button supplies and also servicing various machines that people mostly already had sitting in their basement and just wanted to use. So umakebuttons.com became the resource for those wanting to do it all themselves.

When it comes to making your own buttons, a lot of research is needed that people do not realize until they get into it. A lot of people think you can just go online and buy a button machine from anywhere and be able to buy supplies from anywhere and they should just work. Any experienced person in the button industry knows this is not the reality of the business and people who shop like that online are in for a surprise when they get started. This is why at umakebuttons.com we really try to solve this major problem for people. Since we have been in business for over 13 years we know what the best button machines are and where to source the best quality parts for them at the cheapest price. Our prices are competitive. They may be lower or higher than other companies for a reason. One thing you can be sure of is that the buttons you make using our equipment and supplies will look awesome! Your buttons will look professional and you can also say they were made in the USA (if you are making them in the USA).

Our Machines:

We think we found the best and most affordable button making machines in the world. We believe that for the price you pay, you will have a much better experience and longer lasting machine than others on the market. We know for a fact, because of the machine's patents, that your hands will not get as tired making thousands of buttons as other machines on the market. After making thousands of buttons ourselves by hand, we think this feature is important when it comes to deciding to buy a button machine. Also the machines have a lifetime warranty. If anything were to break or need adjustment we fix for at no cost if you happen to ship your machine back to us.

Our parts:

We source 100% USA made tin plated steel button parts. It is cheaper for us to buy the parts in the USA and therefore cheaper for you. We do not pay for overseas shipping and import taxes like a lot of other companies. Also since we get them shipped within the USA that means we can get restocked quicker and not have to worry about being out of inventory. That makes us more reliable when it comes to needing a supplier for more parts. Let that be a deciding factor for the button machine you purchase. You may pay more for the machine at first but in the long run you will save money buying cheaper parts.

If you are shopping around:

Here is a typical story we hear from so many people trying to buy button supplies. A lot of people buy their metric sized button machine, manufactured by a company from overseas, from an importer within the USA. The machine looks great, solid metal, high quality, makes buttons quickly, only to find out when they run out of their first starter pack of button parts that they need to reorder from that exact manufacturer, that they do not know the name of, and that they have to get the parts from overseas. The parts made in the USA unfortunately just do not work in their machine because they are not metric parts.

Contact us:

If you are not convinced yet that we should be your button supplier, then give us a call at 716-507-8775. One of us will actually answer the phone and talk to you about making buttons.