How Rentals Work

How our rentals work:

  • After the rental cost and security deposit are paid, we ship you a used button machine.
  • You are allowed to rent the machine for 30 days from the day we ship the machine.
  • You can ship the machine back to us on day 30 or earlier; we pay the shipping costs.
  • We use the date the package is post marked as the official date you returned the item.
  • Your rental package will include a pre-paid postage label and a box you can use to return the machine.
  • You ship the machine back to us using a box we provide for you. Just put the pre-paid return label provided on the box. (Note: If the box is damaged and you need a new one, a free flat rate box provided at any US Post Office.)
  • After you are done packaging up the rental to return, drop it off at your local post office so that it ships.
  • Once we receive the machine (and cutter if rented) back, we refund your deposit. Refunds are usually distributed within 3 business days upon receiving the returned rental at our facility. If you paid with credit card, bank account, or PayPal we credit your account accordingly.

Note: The return label has a unique tracking number we use to verify a machine is in the process of being returned. If we do not receive the machine back as a result of a mistake incurred within the US postal system, we have a record that you attempted to return the product. This way you are not accountable for a lost or stolen package within the mail system. If you lose the pre-paid return label you will be responsible for covering the cost of the return postage and we recommend sending us a tracking number to cover your liability.

Late Return Fees:
  • If you ship back a rental machine late please contact us, we are likely to work with you if it is only a day or two.
  • For late returns, we reserve the right to remove an additional month rental fee from your deposit for each month late. You are essentially renting the machine for an additional month. If this occurs, you will be notified of your new return due date by email.
  • If the machine is not returned within 3 months from the rental date, we consider your purchase to be a sale, and we keep your deposit.

These return instructions and the exact due date are provided by email and will be contained in the package you receive as well. Instructions (with pictures) on 'How to Make a Button' will also be included in the package.