Graphic Tabletop Punch

Graphic Tabletop Punch


These hand punches allow faster and accurate cutting of graphics for button making. A major upgrade compared the traditional circle cutter. Just cut your paper into strips and feed into the machine.

This graphic punch machine is available for the following button sizes

  • 1.75 inch
  • 2.25 inch
  • 3 inch


New design available for 2.25" and 3" sizes

Features a detachable handle and an easier ability to remove a punched graphic from the machine. The graphic can be easily removed from the top of the machine by hand.Graphic Table Top Punch - Easiliy remove graphic by hand

Graphic is ejected from the top when cut so it can easily be removed by hand

Handle can be removed

Please note: The actual size of the hole that gets cut by this circle cutter is slightly larger than the actual diameter of the button. This is necessary because the paper folds around to the back of the button and the slightly larger circle is needed for the fold.

Size Chart

This chart shows the exact paper diameter size needed for each button size. Make sure you cut your paper the proper diameter for the button size you are making.

Button Size (Diameter) Exact Cutter Hole Size (Diameter)
1.75 inch 2-5/32 inches
2.25 inch 2-5/8 inches
3 inch 3-29/64 inches