Adjustable Circle Cutter

Adjustable Circle Cutter


Cuts a range of paper circle sizes for making buttons from 1.25 to 3 inches


  • Clear plastic tube and clear plastic adjustable swinging arm
  • Glass plate for cutting on



This adjustable button graphic circle cutter is a time saver compared to scissors. It can also be used for all sorts of other crafts besides just making buttons. The sharp razor blade can cut paper, cardboard, fabric, foil, and thin plastic. So it is a multipurpose tool handy for other crafting and cutting needs.

How it works

It works like a compass. Set the tube on top of the area of the paper you want to cut. Put pressure on the top of the tube with one of your hands. Use your other hand to swing the arm around the tube putting slight pressure down on the paper you are cutting.

Please note: This cutter will not cut graphics for 1 inch buttons. The smallest diameter paper circle this cutter can make is 1-9/16 inch.

Tip: When you are cutting circles for making buttons, make sure the size of the paper circle you cut matches the diameter of the clear plastic mylar for the button size you are making.

Size Chart

This chart shows the exact paper size needed for each button size. Make sure you cut the correct diameter for the button size you are making.

Button Size (Diameter) Exact Paper Size (Diameter)
1 inch 1-5/16 inches
1.25 inch 1-5/8 inches
1.5 inch 1-55/64 inches
1.75 inch 2-5/32 inches
2.25 inch 2-5/8 inches
3 inch 3-29/64 inches