Stop Using Scissors!!!

Are you still fumbling around with scissors to cut out your button designs? Why? That has to be frustrating. Let us save you some time and increase the accuracy of your cuts with our Adjustable Circle Cutter from UMake Buttons.

It cuts a range of paper circle sizes from 1.25 to 3 inches (sorry no 1 inch).

It includes a clear plastic tube and clear plastic adjustable swinging arm along with a glass plate for cutting on. Price: $17.95 + shipping. Very affordable and you'll be thanking us because you'll be so pleased with the precision of your design cuts.

How it works:

It works like a compass. Set the tube on top of the area of the paper you want to cut. Put pressure on the top of the tube with one of your hands. Use your other hand to swing the arm around the tube putting slight pressure down on the paper you are cutting. *You want to make sure the size of the paper circle you cut matches the diameter of the clear plastic mylar for the button size you are making*

Need replacement blades? These are the ones you want. Simple. Cheap.
















Check out some more info on the Adjustable Circle Cutter HERE

Thanks for reading guys. Good luck with your button making. Most of all...Have Fun!