Some New and Neat New Year's Resolutions

2020 has arrived and maybe you've made a New Year's Resolution to try something out of the ordinary this year. Maybe something out of your comfort zone? Hitting the gym for the first time, joining a rec sports team, or hiking the local trails are all great ways to stay active and keep the body moving. Maybe you're making a concerted effort to put your cell phone down and read more books, giving meditation a try, or taking the first steps to start a garden in your backyard. Well if you're like us here at UMake Buttons and have that creative blood flowing through you, you might want to look towards some crafting hobbies for an enjoyable challenge.

In some circles, crafting hobbies might come with a "lame" stigma attached to them but we beg to differ. The end product of your design skill and hard work will be sure to wow your family and friends, pushing your desire to create more artistic magic. Here is a list of some popular crafting hobbies you may want to explore. Start with a simple internet search for more information or go to your community library to inquire about local classes that may be offered.

Drawing, Quilling, Origami, Cardmaking, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, Scrapbooking, and many more....wait...the most important...BUTTON MAKING!

Saved the best for last. Interested in making your own buttons? It's a blast. Trust us. All the information you need is right on our website below. You can always email us at  or call us at 716-507-8775.

Cool video here

Happy New Year!