Lubricating and Cleaning Your Button Machine

If you are having any issue with the quality of the edge/crimp of your buttons, like the edges do not look tight, or appear bubbly, then you will want to lubricate your button machine. Specifically lubricating the crimp die, the die you load the back of the button into, will make the most difference. If you do not want to spend time lubricating the entire machine, as long as you lubricate that specific die, it will improve the quality of your buttons. By lubing the crimp die, you will create buttons that have a nice tight crimp. This is because the upper and lower dies will have better contact. We recommend using mineral oil to lubricate your button machine. Mineral oil is non toxic and you can find it at your local pharmacy. It is even safe enough to ingest. Just put some mineral oil on a paper towel, tissue paper, or cotton swab and apply to the machine where needed. You can even apply it to the entire machine to make it look shiny and clean. Make sure to wipe away the oil. You do not want the oil to bleed into the paper you are using to make buttons. After wiping the oil away there will still be enough on the metal to do its job where parts will contact each other smoothly.

The machine in the video is the 2.25 inch professional button making machine available here: