Best size button to make

    So you want to get a button pin making machine but you are not sure what size to get. Let this be your guide to deciding the best button size to choose.

    People really love button badges and they want them in all different sizes. You would think just one button size would be good enough for all button uses. Unfortunately that is not the case. It comes down to people's opinions and how to get attention. There is an art and style to how something can be presented. Something as simple as a button attracts people in different ways. People want to be able to speak to their audience and present their message appropriately.

    Lets talk about each size and what makes that size so attractive to people.

1 inch:

    This size is completely unique all on its own. It is the smallest button size available, about the size of a US quarter. So naturally the content on the button has to be small so someone has to get up close to read it. The back of this button is different than all other sizes. It features a deep back with a vintage pin. The oldest button badges had just a straight pin that stuck out. Eventually the locking pin was invented. The 1 inch button still has this vintage look and that is why it is so appealing. There is something desirable about the 1 inch that makes people want to collect it or use lots of them to decorate something. It is the most popular size for bands/musicians. It is also the cheapest to buy for parts and cheapest sold on the market. So people can buy more. More bang for their buck. When it comes to manufacturing this size it actually takes longer to make. So the parts are cheaper but the labor is more. The pin has to be inserted by hand after the button is made by the machine.

1.25 inch:

    This is almost as small as the 1 inch. Actually about the size of a US half dollar coin. The nice thing about the 1.25 inch is that the pin already comes inserted in the back part. So you do not need to spend extra time inserting a pin after using the button machine to make the button. So it is faster and takes less effort to make than the 1 inch size. People looking to buy a button machine usually settle for the 1.25 inch size because they want to make a small button like the 1 inch but do not want the extra effort inserting the pin. It satisfies the need for wanting a small button. Also it is still a popular size for bands/musicians.

1.5 inch:

    Not too small and not too big. When you want a button easy enough to read but does not attract too much attention, the 1.5 inch button satisfies that need. It is really the medium size choice. The size is comparable to the cap on a plastic gallon jug or the bottom of a small Dixie cup; the disposable ones mostly used in the bathroom for rinsing. When you can't make up your mind on how big your button should be, the 1.5 inch is the button to settle on.

1.75 inch:

    This is the least popular size therefore making it the most unique. When you want a more affordable medium size button that looks big enough to be a standard size button like a typical political size, the 1.75 inch is the choice. People usually settle for this size because they want the look of the 2.25 inch but the 1.75 inch just costs a little less. When the cost is cheaper you can get more buttons. So it is OK to settle for a button just slightly smaller than standard to get more bang for your buck. If you are trying to promote something and still want a button that has that defining typical standard button look the 1.75 inch is the proper choice. Especially when you end up having more buttons to give away.

2.25 inch:

    This is the most popular size. It is mostly purchased for political campaigns and businesses. Big enough to read from a distance but not overpowering or loud. It just has that typical button look. Every president, mayor, etc has worn this size button. It is about the size of a beer or soda can top. We offer 2 different machines, our economy machine and our professional machine, just for this size because of the popularity.

3 inch:

    Our largest size. Best for photographs and announcements. Restaurants love this size since you can put big words on it and easily see from a distance. It is the size of the top of a Campbell's Chunky Soup can. It is also going to cost the most because it is made of more metal material. It is also the heaviest so it costs more to ship too. When you have something to say and want it displayed loud and clear, the 3 inch button will get the job done.

    So hopefully now you know the differences of all these button size and can figure out which size can best suit the need you have for making buttons. If you still have any questions after reading this please ask us. Our button experts at will be glad to help and point you in the right direction. We have been in the button making business for almost 20 years. 18 years to be exact since the date of this blog post. So you can reach us by calling 716-507-8775 or email